Ravi Gunawardane is the founder and the CEO of ELSL. Apart from guiding the staff of ELSL, He is currently working in an esteemed international school in Sri Lanka, which makes him aware of the new educational trends in the country. He has been in the teaching profession for more than half a decade and has been the head of the department of English in several institutions. Currently, he is one of the most Esteemed English Literature teachers in the country who is regarded as a child whisperer due to his unsurpassed teaching methodologies.

He is an esteemed Royalist who has studied English Literature for Secondary, higher secondary, and higher educations. He has completed his Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A) in the University of Kelaniya, DETE in the University of Colombo, and ACCT in International Air Transport Association (IATA), in Montréal, Canada.

Ravi Gunawardane is the senior researcher who has implemented the project “Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking” (APES) which is currently applied in many English medium schools outside the capital. He is also the head of the paper setting and paper marking panels of ELSL which simulate the examination standards of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Apart from that, he is the senior researcher of project “Competitive Interactive Lerner Centered Education” (CILCE) which is currently applied in the Lerner Management System (LMS) of ELSL.