How to prepare for an online class

If you are getting ready for an online class, there are many new experiences you have to undergo. sometimes you will find it as a very exciting  involvement of your educational endeavors, or as an ordeal you suffer because of your lack of experience. Most of the time, the teacher will have to stop an entire session because of the inability of a student to connect to internet, irritating loud noises of the surrounding, or for a poor internet connection experienced by a student.

Imagine there is a baby crying in your surrounding, and the same happens with two or three participants of the same online class, then the entire session will bring a negative experience to everybody, and it will surely embarrass you at the end of the day.

Already thought of giving up your online class? you will not if you have a look at the  basic guide of ELSL – which will teach you the do’s and the don’ts to help you and others have a positive experience during the online learning process.