ELSL-English Literature Sri Lanka represents a group of individuals who are dedicated to provide accurate and reliable information on English Literature. Even though our web is specially dedicated for the students who follow G.C.E O/L, G.C.E A/L, Cambridge Literature in English, and GAQ students in Srilanka, the content you find is applicable to anyone who seeks knowledge globally.

We own 100% of annotations and notes published in the site, and the content is carefully designed to minimize the time spent reading long articles which contain hardly useful lengthy descriptions.

What we do

  • Setting exam papers

The Department of examinations of ELSL has two main divisions. The first functions as panel of paper setters, which contributes to get best results in every curriculum. The department consists of an experienced panel of paper setters who research and analyze thousands of papers every month. The predictions of ELSL setters are very accurate as we have proven records of our accurate predictions for G.C.E O/L, G.C.E A/L and CAIE OL Literature in English.

  • Grading Papers

The second division of ELSL Department of examinations is the panel of paper markers. The highly qualified staff involved in marking papers of various curricula are extremely efficient in simulating the marking standards set by the educational institutions worldwide

The conduct of seminars and crash courses is another service done by ELSL. ELSL staff conduct such seminars island-wide to support schools to uplift the results obtained for the subject of English Literature. In the year of 2019, ELSL was able to help a particular school in the Southern Province to increase the rate of A passes from 0/35 to 17/35, which is a 48.57% improvement within 2 x 6 hours crash courses.

  • Promoting English speaking skills in international schools outside the capital through APES

APES – Augmenting propensity of English Speaking is a special project using which ELSL supports schools with low standards of English Language and Literature .

ELSL is the only institution in Sri Lanka which is solely dedicated to promote the subject of English Literature. Literary festivals, Poetry, Script Writing, Short Story Writing, debating, and drama competitions are held in every academic term. Unique certificates and various prizes are offered to the winners of these competitions.

  • Production of Educational Videos (ELSL Studio)

  • Conducting tuition

  • Operation of Sri Lanka’s largest digital Library dedicated for the improvement of  English Language and Literature.