ELSL is a higher education institute registered in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka – dedicated to the subject of English Literature. Launched in the year 2014, this institute has been providing excellent results to the children of Sri Lanka for seven consecutive years and beyond. With the closure of all educational institutions on the island on 13.03.2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic, on 18.03.2021 ELSL Educational Institution introduces online interactive education at the school level for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Since then, the institution has been dedicated to researching innovative educational methods and contributing those methods to world education as you read this article.

A special feature of the ELSL Institute of Education is that it eliminates traditional and traditional educational methods and encourages teachers to provide education through the unique methodologies invented by the institute.


What are the special features of ELSL Educational Institution?

Academic Library

ELSL Educational Institution has the largest academic library in South Asia for the subjects of English Language and Literature from which; GCE Ordinary Level, Advanced Level, Bachelor of Arts students, Master of Arts, PhD readers, Students who follow international curricula, teachers, and lecturers are benefitted.

SAAS – Student Answer Analysis System

ELSL Institute has the world’s first answer analysis system designed to analyze written reviews of English Literature, which introduce critics to their weaknesses and strengths. This analytical system has been instrumental in producing failproof results for years and in guiding students to set local and world records.

CILCE – Competitive Interactive Lerner-centered Education

For the first time in the world, ELSL Institute has defined Competitive Interactive Lerner-Centered Education as a learning methodology that focuses on the subject of English literature, which is based on primal needs and behavioral patterns of human beings. 

This further allows English language students to participate in global language competitions.

APES – Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking

APES is the result of a project in which students of English have been studied for three consecutive years. Through this project, all the competitions that take place in the school education system are re-introduced in a new format and the certification procedures that take place through it is also changed. In addition, the methods of educating students studying English as a second language have been introduced in a new way apart from the traditional philosophies of education. The specialty of the education obtained through these new teaching methods is that, the students become fluent in the spontaneous use of the manipulation of language within a short duration of time.

ELSL Studio

ELSL produces educational videos for schools and educational institutions that provide online education – using the state-of-the-art studio owned by the educational institution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Powered Teachers

ELSL is one of the first education providers in the world to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI)-powered teachers into its pedagogy.


The National curriculum introduces the subject of English Literature to local students in grade 10. However, due to the lack of students’ proficiency in English, some schools introduce the subject in grade 8/9. Therefore ELSL’s G.C.E O/L classes are open for the grade 8 students.

Those who are in grade 8/9 who attend the classes will be repeating the lessons until they reach the examination year.

This however depends on the preference of the student/parent as well as the language competency of the student.

We recommend a younger student to join only if his language proficiency is low. Unless otherwise there is no necessity to repeat classes.


You can find the time tables related to the classes you want to attend. Press “Click to Join.” and follow the instructions through WhatsApp.


Send “REG” as a WhatsApp message to 0712809697 and follow the instructions.


If you join in the middle of a month, you do not have to pay the full tuition fee. You will be charged only a half payment. 

However, you have to inform the accounts division (+94 70 281 9697) of the partial payment through a WhatsApp message. 

If you joined the class in the last week of a month, you won’t be charged any tuition fees for the current month. However, you have to make the full payment for the next month.

Classes are not conducted on religious and cultural holidays declared by the Sri Lankan government.

However, if two or more religious or cultural holidays are set on the day of the class within the period of one month, depending on the syllabus coverage and the decision of the teacher, classes may be conducted on the second religious/cultural holiday.

No, remedial classes are not conducted for the classes missed due to religious or cultural holidays. 

Teachers at ELSL are highly responsible for completing the syllabus. However, in such an event, ELSL will arrange free remedial classes and cover the syllabus.