BEGIN - 2023

The spirit of “Begin,” the project dedicated to fostering quality English education among underprivileged children, bloomed anew on November 25, 2023, at the Jayawickrama Children’s Home in Kandy. Following the success of the inaugural initiative in 2022, the baton of hope was passed on to the new committee of the All Island Schools’ English Literary Association (AISELA) of English Literature Sri Lanka (ELSL).

“Begin” launched its second chapter, unwavering in its mission to make a difference in young lives, under the dynamic leadership of President Leshan Devanarayana, Secretary Thyba Fahry, and Treasurer Ravindi Nethya Senadhi. The association was supported by the guidance of Mst. Sahein Wijeyeratne, Miss S. Ketakumbura, and Miss T. Karandawala, all of whom were former members of AISELA. This endeavour was further strengthened by the generous support of Radiant Logistics Colombo Pvt. Ltd., who stepped forward as the main sponsor, solidifying their commitment to educational equity.

Guided by the same unwavering vision of ELSL’s CEO, Mr. Ravi Gunawardane, “Begin” continues to illuminate the path for children from underprivileged backgrounds. In Kandy, the project resonated with a chorus of eager voices, ready to embrace the world of the English language. The classrooms buzzed with interactive learning, captivating activities, and innovative approaches that transformed the process of acquiring language into a joyous adventure.

This second iteration of “Begin” stands as a testament to the enduring power of the project’s core principles. It affirms that the spark of hope ignited in 2022 continues to spread, reaching new destinations and empowering young minds with the tools they need to navigate the academic and global landscape with confidence.

The journey of “Begin” is far from over. Its roots continue to deepen, reaching out to more children and communities yearning for the opportunities that quality English education unlocks. Each new chapter builds upon the legacy of the previous, fueled by the dedication of volunteers, educators, and like-minded individuals who believe in the transformative power of language.

As “Begin” continues to blossom, it invites everyone to join in its mission. Whether through volunteering, sharing skills, or providing resources, each contribution becomes a stepping stone on the path towards a brighter future for underprivileged children. Together, we can ensure that “Begin” truly lives up to its name—not just a project, but a continuous and enriching process of opening doors to endless possibilities for these young minds.

Let the learning continue, let the voices be heard, and let the “Begin” story inspire a generation to dream big and reach for the stars.