What is mythology?

Mythology is a genre of folklore which is unique to a geographical location, a religion, or a social group which are orally transmitted from generation to generation. Myths are usually associated with super natural characters, divine beings, and sometimes historical occurrences with elevated/altered versions of subject content.

The earliest forms of mythology dates back to the early Neolithic, and even paleolithic eras. Yet, there is no clear evidence to prove the actual history, or the exact time periods of many myths. However, mythologies will continue to prevail throughout time, and new will eventually arise in course of time.

Most importantly, mythology plays a fundamental role when it comes to Literature, without which many artists won’t be able to convey numerous figurative senses in their masterpieces. Therefore, if you are a knowledge seeker, ELSL thoroughly advises you to be very familiar with mythology, so that it will broaden your perspective on the subject.